Webinar: Marketing To 50+ Customers: The Problem Ain’t What Marketers Know; It’s What They Know That Ain’t So

Program Summary:

Mark Twain once said, “The problem ain’t what you know, it’s what you know that ain’t so.” This thought-provoking and practical program provides a commonsense approach to connecting with Baby Boomer and older customer. Challenging stereotypical thinking and aging myths, the program provides new in-depth marketing principles, insights, tactics, and techniques. The program helps participants understand better the mind of target markets resulting in improved traditional and online marketing and increased desired actions.

Program Benefits:

Learn and explore research data and marketing and sales principles for older customers. Learn new thinking on aging and its implications on marketing and sales.

Learn why you must communicate differently to older customers and how to get beyond generalities to actionable tactics. Find out how we are more alike than not and the implications to connecting with these markets. Learn what motivates us and how to break through the real marketing clutter. Learn specific and practical tips on how to connect more effectively with older customers.

Learn about “Conditional Positioning,” and why reason and logic come in second when making a purchase decision. Learn how human values and motivators are more alike than different in the fall and winter of life.

Find out how the brain triages messages that get through to our conscious mind. Learn how to identify target market needs and purchase motivators creating messages and sales approaches that have the best chance of generating interest and converting that interest into a desired action.

Program Outline:

Why Connecting to Older Customers is Different

  • Booming older customer market
  • New paradigms are required to adapt to today’s changed marketplace
  • How to avoid being “myth” interpreted
  • Why marketing & sales has gotten tougher
  • Early focus on product features & benefits often is a losing strategy
  • Purchase motivators and their impact
  • New marketing & sales principles

Ageless Marketing: A New Paradigm for Successful Marketing/Sales Approaches

  • Ageless Marketing™ makes the human mind & brain central to sales.
  • Why should you be concerned about how the brain works and how our brain processes marketing communications?
  • Consumer buying decision-making process
  • Applying Ageless Marketing
  • The value of Storytelling and Conditional Positioning
  • Effective marketing & advertising tools & techniques


Jim Gilmartin is president of Lisle, IL-based Coming of Age. Since 1991, the full-service online ad agency specializes in helping clients develop and launch online, and offline marketing and sales strategies and campaigns focused on Baby Boomers and older customers. An experienced CEO, business development and marketing/sales executive, he is a source for newspaper, magazine and online publications.

Coming of Age

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  • This webinar runs for 54 minutes.

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