Tenders – Motors

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Reference Title Deadline Agency Country Shortlink
Kawas- Auma make Motor Actuator September 6, 2016 NTPC Ltd India https://goo.gl/BJSbDX
Spray painting works of repaired Engine, transmission and different models of Electric Motor / Generator at Central Work Shop of CWS tadali September 7, 2016 Western Coalfields Limited India https://goo.gl/60pv8s
Rewinding of different burnt motor stators of Dugda-II plant, ROM section, Intake well pumps, slurry pumps etc. September 9, 2016 Bharat Coking Coal Limited India https://goo.gl/5mBEsI
Complete rewinding of 150HP motor stator 550 volt 3 phase 1460 RPM Make GEC Sl. No BH(S)/186 of water treatment plant river side Bhowra(S) Colliery. September 10, 2016 Bharat Coking Coal Limited India https://goo.gl/cIZuHm
Complete rewinding of 75 KVA 550/220v lighting transformer of Bhowra 8 No. colony under Bhowra(N) UG mines. September 10, 2016 Bharat Coking Coal Limited India https://goo.gl/Pxmb0H
Complete repairing and fitting of 100HP surface haulage of 37/38 No. Incline Mine Bhowra South Colliery. September 10, 2016 Bharat Coking Coal Limited India https://goo.gl/rUKdEg
Complete rewinding and repairing of a 3-ph Induction Motor, Make – NGEF, Sl. No. 19801901, 360KW, 3.3kV, 1482rpm of KDH OCP, NK Area. September 10, 2016 Central Coalfields Limited India https://goo.gl/wV356Y
Complete rewinding of primary coil and re-insulation of secondary coil of 01 no. 630 KVA, 3.3KV/415V, Make- True Volt Engg. Co (P) Ltd. under GM Unit, Piparwar Area September 12, 2016 Central Coalfields Limited India https://goo.gl/f3491z
Complete Repairing of Rotor C.G. Make 3.3 KV 1480 RPM 415 H.P. Sl.No. LC/M/31 of Lodna Colliery. September 12, 2016 Bharat Coking Coal Limited India https://goo.gl/zSruW3
Complete Repairing and Overhauling of 1250 Amps 550 Volt ECE Make OCB Switch for Controlling Kata Lighting Line main switch of East Bararee Sub-Station at Jenagora Colliery Sl.No. JN-10 . September 12, 2016 Bharat Coking Coal Limited India https://goo.gl/UttFuL
Complete Repairing/ Rewinding of 100 KVA 11KV/440V Lighting Transformer of 6 no.Sub-Statoin NT-ST OCP Lighting Line of Gokul Park and 6 No. Sub-Station Sl. No. JN/LTR/17. September 12, 2016 Bharat Coking Coal Limited India https://goo.gl/cZ73St
Complete wiring of crowd / propel generator, swing generator and 02 nos swing motor of P and H 1900AL shovel sl.no.98 of ABOCP of Block-II Area. September 14, 2016 Bharat Coking Coal Limited India https://goo.gl/F7cSJV
GDC/INFRA/OT/006/2016:2017  TENDER FOR PROVISION OF SERVICING OF 3.3KV MOTORS AT MENENGAI GEOTHERMAL PROJECT September 14, 2016 Geothermal Development Company Limited Kenya https://goo.gl/8NwAEG
Supply of Complete Control Unit and Rotating Rectifier Assembly including Discharge Resistance unit for gas compressor motor September 19, 2016 South Eastern Coalfields Limited India https://goo.gl/9JIN1o
Complete repairing of 01 no burnt and failed induction motor (125 HP, 93 KW, 415 V) sl.no. RRWS/38 related to 24/96 dragline at RRWS of Block-II Area. September 19, 2016 Bharat Coking Coal Limited India https://goo.gl/wvNecr
Purchase of Electric Motors, Gear Box, Brake Assemblies and Fasteners for HM Works of Uri-II Power Station. September 28, 2016 NHPC Limited India https://goo.gl/o831qG