Midwest Warehouse

Contact: Logan Walker
225 E Florence Rd
Saint Joseph Missouri 64504
United States
Phone: +1 816 238 5070
Fax:  +1 816 238 7471
Email: logan@mwwarehouse.com
Website: www.mwwarehouse.com

Midwest Warehousing (MW) has approximately 1,000,000 square feet of warehouse space among its 5 locations and all of the equipment needed to take care of our customers.

Rail Services

MW is served by BOTH, Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Union Pacific, major rail providers.  In many cases, MW has found that it’s more economical to ship material by rail. MW has experience shipping different types of materials and loading and unloading different types of railcars. Midwest Warehousing will unload and/or load any type of rail car you desire.  We have access to any type of car and the equipment needed.  Again, MW has worked with Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Union Pacific to ensure that our customers save money and find ways of transporting the material safely to the end destination.

Trucking Services

Midwest Warehousing has its own drivers and trailers to deliver to customers.  We can receive goods delivered directly from our customers’ suppliers and deliver to our customersas they need them.  This allows our customers to reduce the amount of inventory that they have to keep on hand and allows them to change production as needed with just-in-time delivery.

 Trailer Storage

MW has over 10 acres of extra land that can be used to store trailers or any materials that a customer would like stored.  MW has secured and unsecured areas to choose from and added security can be added if needed.  MW can load the trailers and set them aside to be picked up by your drivers when ready to eliminate wait times.

Value Added Services

  • Palletizing
  • Wrapping
  • Scale Pallets
  • Labeling
  • Pick and Pack

Order Fulfillment