Interview with Paul J. Pearce of Nova Biologicals

Q: Paul, Can you please tell us a bit about yourself personally and professionally.

On a personal note, I enjoy immensely the work that Nova performs for our clients. That enjoyment stems from the support and caring of my family and the opportunities I have to apply   strong educational backgrounds and professional training. Professionally, My career involves the practice of clinical and environmental microbiology. During my early career I served as a national and international medical laboratory director; practicing in health departments, hospitals, and clinics. These varied experiences provide a genuine appreciation for the role of microbiology in the care and support of patients as well as the care and support of our environment. As the owner of Nova Biologicals, I am able to successfully apply a lifetime of knowledge and experience to our client’s needs.

Q: Imagine that you met someone in an elevator and was asked to explain Nova Biologicals in 30 seconds or less… Can you give us a 2 sentence ‘elevator pitch’ about your business and what you do?

Nova Biologicals is your partner in providing expert microbiological guidance and testing. This includes testing that involves environmental samples, medical devices, food and drug and cosmetic additives/excipients.

Q: How did you get started in this business?

In 1993, Nova was formed and became the first private laboratory certified to conduct bacteriological compliance testing for public water systems. This opportunity has served as a reliable springboard to many types of microbiological testing.

Q: Can you describe your customers / what type of customers does Nova Biologicals have?

Nova’s customers include public water systems, medical device manufacturers, excipient manufacturers, research and development firms, universities, and the many facets of the food industry.

Q: What are some of your keys to success  in building your customer base?

Outstanding professional employees, effective communication, early-stage collaboration with our clients, a solid web presence, responsiveness to client’s needs, and fast accurate results are some of the keys to Nova’s success.

Q: Is there anything about your business that you feel makes it special?

Nova’s insight and ability to apply complex microbiological testing methods and principles are key differentiators, i.e. providing simple solutions to complex science. Additionally, effective communication of relevant interpretative information and test results set Nova apart from the competition.

Q: What kind of technology advances do you see that will likely affect this sector over the coming few years?

Technological breakthroughs that may affect microbiological testing are methods, means and equipment that allow for the cost-effective and rapid evaluation of microbiological samples. For example, methods, means, and equipment that will permit the cost-effective quantification and identification of microorganisms present in a complex sample matrix.

Q: Where do you see your business in the next year? In the next five years? In the next ten years?

Nova’s footprint in the marketplace will continue to grow as more requirements emerge for the protection of human health and safety and the environment. Water testing, medical device testing, excipient testing, food testing, will all increase as new microbiological-contamination threats emerge in our world. Nova’s enhanced web, social media, and professional association presence are paying dividends as we measure the past few years success in preparation for 2021, 2026. Because of the unique combination of Nova’s capabilities and the role of microbes in our lives Nova expects to continue to be a successful business in the microbiological testing industry.

Paul J Pierce

Paul J. Pearce, PhD
President and Laboratory Director
Specialist in Microbiology, SM (ASCP Board of Certification)
Nova Biologicals, Inc.
Tel: +1 936-756-5333
Fax: +1 936-756-5357