Interview with Loh Albert at PTS Technologies Pte Ltd

Q: Albert, Can you please tell us a bit about yourself personally and professionally.

I started my career as a Procurement Superintendent with Astec Power, a renowned Power supply manufacturer for close to 10 years. Subsequent to that I joined Delta Electronics as a Materials Manager in managing Materials, Purchasing and SQA teams, and was based in Thailand.  I am trained in electronics, attained a Bachelor in Business Management, and a Master in business administration.

PTS Technologies was started in 1993 with me being the major shareholder. We started as an OEM manufacturer and after a few years, we expanded into the ODM arena with a new set up of a R+D section. In 2008, the company consolidated our resources and recalibrates our business model, and launched into a new development of PTS’s RFID and sensor solutions for livestock and asset tracking, with a patent of 3 products. Thereafter we design and develop numerous innovative wireless solutions for temperature, humidity, pH, gas, water, soil, work activity, etc., monitoring using our PTS proprietary communication protocol and algorithm, used for intelligent farming.

Q: Imagine that you met someone in an elevator and was asked to explain Pts Technologies Pte Ltd in 30 seconds or less… Can you give us a 2 sentence ‘elevator pitch’ about your business and what you do?

PTS provides customized RFID and long range wireless sensing solution for tracking various functions of  livestock and assets. We deliver interactive platform for intelligent farming and smart asset management for business owner’s.

Q: How did you get started in this business?

We worked with our UK partner, to design and develop a RFID solution for them to be deployed in the UK livestock farms. With mandatory requirement imposed in 2010 in the EU region, PTS product became well accepted because of the unique design, high reliability and cost effectiveness (against our competitors).

Q: Can you describe your customers / what type of customers does Pts Technologies Pte Ltd have?

We are a “end to end” solution provider, thus our client base are varied and in many countries, ranging from SMEs to big multinationals. They are mainly commercial farms, hospitals, facility management providers, government agency, commercial plantation, etc.

Q: What are some of your  keys to success  in building your customer base?

  • Continuous evolution of Innovation and technology
  • Quality
  • Hard work in prospecting new customers
  • Always listening to our client’s need and offering them viable solution to resolve their need
  • Divine favors and intervention


Q: Is there anything about your business that you feel makes it special?

Firstly, we have the favor of God, and the favor of a great team in the company that aspire to succeed. Second, we have to constantly keep abreast of new technology in wireless sensing and developing products that satisfy the demand of the day, and thirdly to make our products price competitive without compromising on quality.

Q: What kind of technology advances do you see that will likely affect this sector over the coming few years?

We perceived Technology advances that will seek to disrupt conventional farming methods on livestock and crops and how companies track their assets.  These new technology will focus on data analytics on feeds, health, breeds, moisture, water intake, workers’ productivity, GPS location, and many more that is transmitted wireless and accurately via RFID or sensors to a cloud base environment where user can access via mobile or terminal remotely. These technologies will also necessitate design on lower power consumption, longer battery life, longer transmission range, and greater bandwidth for data transmission.

Q: Where do you see your business in the next year? In the next five years? In the next ten years?

Our business is continuing its growth in this arena and we anticipate more and more demands coming in for the next 5 to 10 years for these kind of solutions as commercial farms and asset management companies seek to streamline and automate its data collection seamlessly, remotely and wirelessly. The data analytics will enable them to perform critical management task like prediction, prevention, and make the necessary prescription to increase their productivity and intensify their revenue and profit growth.

Albert Loh

Albert Loh
Managing Director/CEO
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