Hill Road Lighting Design






Member Level: Standard Member
Contact Person: Randall Cushman
Address: 26 Hill Road
Wells Maine 04090-7406
United States
Phone: +1 207 676 4052 Fax: +1 207 636 8400
Website: www.hillroadlighting.com Twitter: @iamlighting
Email: randy@hillroadlighting.com


Begun in 1998, Hill Road Lighting Design has grown from a landscape lighting design and installation firm to become one of the United States’ leading high-end residential interior and landscape lighting design firms.

By combining the essence of form and function, Hill Road Lighting Design strives to design interior and exterior lighting systems that both enhance and transform a space through the use of light. Once the function and type of light has been selected, it is celebrated by painstakingly choosing from a wealth of traditional and new materials. Unlike typical applications that rely upon grids of recessed lights, Hill Road Lighting Design strive to fill a space with rich ambient light, delegating recessed fixtures to their proper use, that of task lighting and the accenting of art and focal point objects. Their goal is to work closely with the client so that their individual tastes are reflected in the composition of their lighting design.

As an authorized Lutron Residential Service Provider, Hill Road Lighting Design designs/specifies, CAD and oversee whole-home lighting control installations; they program the installations once installed and integrate their installations with HVAC, security, and other home system vendors.