The Global Business Confidence Survey

The 1st Quarter Global Business Confidence Report is due to be published on the 31st March 2018. 

The 2017 Global Business Confidence Report is an analysis of the results of a survey of 1689 C-Level executives from 73 countries spread across a range of industries and organizational sizes. It is the largest report of its kind.

Report data may be used by business executives, government policy-makers, business associations and legislators to help craft future policy and make predictions about the business cycle. Organizations may find the information valuable as a means to compare their own operational growth and concerns against others within their industry.

The report also provides a useful tool to look at opportunities for innovation, gauge investment appetite and evaluate avenues for future growth.

Table of Contents
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Executive Summary

  • About the Survey
  • 12 Months Performance in Review
  • The Business Year Ahead
  • Future Challenges
  • Drivers of Organizational Growth
  • Government Impact on Business

Respondent Demographics

  • Responses by Sector
  • Responses by Industry
  • Responses by Number of Employees
  • Responses by Years in Business
  • Exporters vs Domestic Sales

Business Confidence

  • Perception of Local Economy for Previous 12 Months
  • Confidence in Local Economy for Coming 12 Months
  • Confidence in Own Domestic Sales Growth
  • Confidence in Own International Sales Growth

Upcoming Challenges

  • Access to Raw Materials
  • Attracting and Retaining Qualified Workers
  • Competition from Foreign Sources
  • Costs of Employee Healthcare and other Benefits
  • Cost of Employee Salaries
  • Global Political Uncertainty
  • Environmental / Ecological Issues
  • General Political Climate
  • Government Policies and Regulations
  • Demand for Respondent Product(s) and/or Service(s)
  • Managing Information Technology and/or Cyber Security Issues
  • Managing Supply Chain Relationships
  • Shipping and Logistics of Getting Products to Market

Drivers of Organizational Growth

  • Accessing New Sources of Funding
  • Acquiring New Customers
  • Automation of Existing Processes
  • Market Awareness / Perception of Respondent Industry
  • Developing More Partnerships
  • Employee Skill Development
  • Improving Customer Experience
  • Improving Supply Chain Relationships
  • Improving Trust and Transparency
  • Increasing Digital and Technology Capabilities
  • Innovation of Products / Services / Processes
  • Navigating Risk and Regulation
  • Quality Certification

Government Impact

  • Advocating for the Interests of Industry
  • Existing Rules and Regulations
  • Government Services or Public Goods
  • Passing New Laws / Regulations
  • International Trade Promotion Activities
  • Industry Protection
  • Loans and/or Loan Guarantees


  • Questions Asked
  • Survey Sponsors & Supporting Partners
  • Recommended Corporate Members of the International Trade Council

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