Free Courses: Supply Chain Finance – An Introductory Guide

A free tool that gives newcomers to supply chain finance a comprehensive understanding of the main techniques available to both exporters, importers and the corporations and banks funding them. It also explains the benefits of SCF to all parties and includes case studies of real businesses that use supply chain finance. Although the guide is free it uses content and graphics from their premium courses.

In this introductory guide you’ll learn:

  • A simple explanation of what SCF is – you can see the official definition from the ICC here
  • Why SCF has grown in popularity over the last decade
  • The difference between traditional trade finance and SCF
  • A summary of the benefits of SCF for each party involved
  • Case studies from real businesses that use SCF
  • Short, simple summaries of the main SCF solutions and techniques
  • Graphics and diagrams to help you better grasp the concepts discussed
  • Some recommended ICC Academy courses to take your learning further

Start & Finish Dates

Online Course.

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