Find Independent Sales Reps to Sell Your Product in the US

What are Independent Sales Reps? (ISRs)

An Independent Sales Rep is an independent business comprised of sales, marketing and customer service professionals and representing two or more related but non-competitive products in a well-defined territory, and compensated primarily on a commission basis for goods shipped from the principal represented. ISR’s can help your company grow into new markets with a lower up-front cost.

What RepHunter Does

Creating communication between you and sales reps in your market is our business. Search our online database of reps that have to meet certain standards for inclusion. If you want guaranteed placement, we have a  program for that too.

Use RepHunter to Place Independent Sales Reps

Companies around the world use RepHunter’s innovative search capability to find sales reps that call on their target customers and markets in the US.

Try Before At No Cost!

Their Try Before You Buy feature offers you a way to check us out without spending any money. RepHunter offers unlimited searching of independent sales rep qualifications before purchasing a subscription. This feature is intended to show you how easy it is to find candidates to increase you sales when you subscribe.

Visit the website Or call on +1 763 516 2057 or in the US on 877-895-2909.