Employment & Social Welfare Committee

The purpose of the Employment and Social Welfare Committee is to develop a pool of possible policy interventions and incentives that will create an environment that is conducive for job creation.

This committee in renowned for its leadership role supporting excellence in education, promoting programmes that preparing youth for entry in the workforce, and act in an advisory capacity to government and industry.

Summary of activities:

  • Develop and promote vocational training and internship opportunities provided by ITC members to the broader community.
  • Develop and promote volunteering partnerships between Council business members, educational institutions and non-profit organisations.
  • Develop protocols for collaboration with community agencies and international consulates and organisations on matters pertaining to entrepreneurship, employment and social welfare.
  • Share information on standards and regulations on working conditions, social security and social protection.
  • Provide policy advice, insight and support for initiatives that promote a quality education for youth, promote teacher retention, and enhanced learning experiences for students inside and outside the classroom.
  • Develop a tool-kit of employment and social welfare policies and standards for emerging communities of entrepreneurs.
  • Speak on matters pertaining to education, gender equality, minority employment and social welfare.
  • Promote entrepreneurship within Council members and the broader community by creating partnerships between business, educational institutions and non-profit organisations.

Outputs of the Committee include:

  • Comments on forthcoming government policies and standards pertaining to entrepreneurship, employment and social welfare.
  • Submissions to legislators and government.
  • Policy reports.
  • Educational sessions, webinars and informal networking events.

Get involved:

Appointments are made to the Employment & Social Welfare Committee biennially.

Committee communications are conducted electronically, and each member must have an email address to receive committee meeting notices, agendas, reports, etc. Section participation (e.g., involvement in one of the Employment & Social Welfare Section’s standing committees, authoring an article for publication, speaking at one of the section’s programs, etc.) is considered in the appointment review.