Databases & Trade Leads

We take pride in helping small as well as large companies globally find targeted accounts &  decision makers for their marketing campaigns.

The Council provides its members with access to downloadable trade data suitable for market research, competitive analysis, partner sourcing, sales lead generation and other marketing activities.

Don’t waste precious marketing dollars guessing on where to find partners. Open up a whole new dimension in marketing by utilising the Council’s top-quality, in-depth, and highly-targeted business contact lists and leads databases and get business done more effectively and efficiently without having to leave the workplace.

The multiple use data fields include; contact name, job title, company name, address, telephone, business description, classification code, employee size band and web address. The data is downloaded as a CSV  or Excel file for ease of use and compatible with most mail merge systems.

Data by Country

The Council maintains databases for companies in 53 different countries.

For more information please see the Countries by region below:

Research and Terms of Usage

Any usage of the database must comply with the 2003 CAN-SPAM Act, which requires specific unsubscribe options, content control and sending behaviour compliance.  You may not sell, swap, gift, trade or otherwise share this information with any other organization or individual.

Download Limits

  • Large Corporate & Government Members – Unlimited
  • Standard Corporate & Charity Members – 2 Databases
  • Sole Trader Members – 1 Database
  • Student, Retirees & Other Members – Zero (Please contact us for specific data to validate request)