Business Advice

The International Trade Council exists to support businesses and the wider communities in which they serve by offering a comprehensive range of quality products and services.

Whether you are starting a business or have been running one for years, at some stage you will need external help and advice.  The Council’s in-house team is supported by a network of external specialists. Whatever issue you’re facing, they will help you find a solution.

Services on offer:

  • Financial analysis and other benchmarking tools.
  • Business planning and development toolkits.
  • Market research and intelligence.
  • Market development support; including help with importing & exporting.
  • Access to government programs and events.
  • Networking and expert advice.
  • Information on government regulations, licences and permits for business.
  • Best practice guidance for purchasing and supplier monitoring.
  • Assistance and advice on EU programmes and legislation.
  • Support for business continuity and succession planning.
  • Assistance in dealing with international legal issues.
  • Dispute resolution via mediation.

Business Support Helpline

The Council’s business support helpline service offers advice, inspiration and practical help to business owners on all areas of owning and running a business, regardless of size. The helpline provides a quick response service to people with simple business questions of all types. It also provides a more in-depth service for those with more complex enquiries.

The service is completely free of charge (although we do reserve the right to restrict calls to the scheme by any member whose usage we judge to be disproportionate).

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