5 Quick Questions – Max Douglas of Berryman Products

Q:  How did I get started in this business?

A: I began 40 years ago being hired by a college friend to do some light traveling and selling an automotive  TV promotional item.  After several years of this I moved forward selling automotive chemicals for some large companies in the USA.

Q:  Can I describe my customers | what type of customers do I have?

A: My customer types are as varied as our product offering.  Automotive is our main business which can be defined as retail; automotive warehouse distributors; Under Car, Under hood and Installers; Food, Drug and convenience store distribution; and also feeders that service all types of general merchandise.

Q:  What are your “Keys to Success” in building our customer base?

A: Believing in the products you sell is a huge part of success.  It’s a nice feeling to hear the customers say that they feel like our products exceeded their expectations.  Making sales calls, being on the street and talking with customers is a genuine and unfiltered approach to knowing what people are saying about my products.  Working with customers in ways that reach out to their customers is vital to relationship selling and marketing.  Honesty, integrity, and industry knowledge is helpful in driving success.

Q:  Is there anything about my business that I feel makes it special?

A: Berryman Products was founded on its rich tradition of blending Consumer and professional quality; ALL AMERICAN MADE chemicals since 1918 (over 98 years).  We are proud of our heritage with continued focus into the future.  Berryman manufacturers various chemical categories which include; B-12 Chemtool cleaners blended with our H.E.S.T. (High Energy Solvent Technology) and utilize State-of-the-Art chemicals that are among the finest aerosol and liquid automotive chemicals blended today.  We also offer Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Additives and Treatments, Brake Cleaners, Chem-Dip “Professional” Carburetor and Parts Cleaning dip, Specialty cleaners including Electric Motor and Parts Cleaners, Air-Flow Sensor and Electronic cleaners and others such as  Lubricants/Greases/Sealers.  Eco-Friendly Chemicals including Seal-R Tire Sealing Compounds and pre-saturated Industrial-Strength Lemon-Fresh Towelettes.

Q:  Where do I see the business in the coming year?  In the next five years?  In the next 10 years?

A: Business this year has been steady and should continue to be strong as many new customers realize what we offer and along with the quality that make our products work.  In the next 5 years my feeling is that our business will continue moving forward as many of our customers let us know what items they are being asked for with availability.  In the chemical business, its difficult to look ahead 10 years as the vehicles today continue to change and are continuing to evolve.  These are challenging times and we are planning to meet these challenges head-on!

Max Douglas - Berryman Products

Max Douglas
Manager International Sales
Berryman Products
T: +1 281 359 1434
E: mdouglas@berrymanproducts.com
W: www.berrymanproducts.com