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Each week the International Trade Council receives calls from various media outlets requesting interviews on a range of topics. Most of these requests are for telephone interviews, written comments on a particular issue, or general expertise/information on specific topics that affect business.

As a method of showcasing the knowledge and experience of our members, the International Trade Council regularly asks for volunteers to become active participants and register in the ITC spokesperson database.

Being an International Trade Council subject-matters spokesperson is an excellent opportunity to convey your role as a thought leader in your chosen area of expertise. Interviews often have a far-reaching impact and can help provide a boost to Council spokespersons personal profiles.

What we look for in spokespeople

  • Senior (in-depth) experience in business (in your own area of expertise)
  • Different ages, gender and diverse backgrounds
  • Experience with public speaking or talking with media (we can help you gain that experience if you have not done it before)
  • Excellent written and spoken English
  • Comfortable being on camera – taped or live
  • At ease with having your name in print
  • Do not mind having your photo taken and published in print (and have signed a consent form)
  • Understand deadlines and are accessible on short notice

As a business owner or business leader with practical experience creating jobs and delivering prosperity to communities, your perspective is particularly powerful.

Working with volunteer spokespeople

Each volunteer spokesperson will be entered into a database, along with the topics s/he has identified as being her/his areas of expertise.

As requests come in from the media, the ITC Communications Department will:

  • First – Identify an appropriate spokesperson from the database (according to topic and sometimes geographic location)
  • Second – Contact the volunteer spokesperson to ascertain his/her availability
  • Third – Facilitate scheduling an interview between the media and the volunteer spokesperson

* Note: Interviews with reporters and members of the media typically last no more than 10 minutes. They are most commonly conducted via telephone given availability in your schedule. We will not refer any members of the media to an ITC volunteer spokesperson without first confirming that s/he is available and willing to speak on a given topic.

Registering to become a spokesperson

Click here to complete the spokesperson registration form.

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